Is Stress Sabotaging Your Workout Ep 129

published 5 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez shares how stress sabotage everything you are working for in the gym.

Hi welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm Himmler herniated your guide on the jury to help. So what if your exercise program is spot on. You nutrition justice queen if for me. But you're still not full fat loss results. I think that's what my job and let me tell you what the missing link is usually with that acceptors. Chiefly for women. Yes dress. If you were a constant fight or flight. We're not gonna meet your part loss goals. The concert inflammation hormonal imbalances that causes. It's just not gonna happen no matter what you do in the jazz and the know how much you pay attention to nutrition. So if you're doing really well with your food and exercise and not seeing results. Check your stress. Make sure that your ...

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