AD #1698 – Carbon Neutral Hydrogen, FCA’s Hacks and Recalls, LEAF Gets Bigger Battery

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Prius Goes “Beyond Possible” - Nissan LEAF Gets Bigger Battery - New Volvo Trucks Feature Boosts MPGs - Carbon Neutral Hydrogen - FCA’s Hacks and Recalls - How Detroit 3 Could Boost Stock Price

I'm today show the jeep Cherokee shrugs off the big hack attack Nissan offers a bigger battery in the least and how the Detroit 3 could really boost their stock prices all that and more coming right up. Adeline daily. This is online daily for September 10 of 2015. As we reported earlier this week sales of electrified vehicles are falling fast even the king of the hill Prius has seen its sales slip by more than 16 percent this year in the American market but with the all new Prius coming to market Toyota still has a positive outlook. The auto makers VP of marketing Jack callers. Attributes the drop in sales to a vehicle that's gone mostly unchanged for 6 years ...

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