Episode 80-SDU Video Tutorial

published 3 years ago by Ellen Rissinger

We're back from summer vacation with all-new episodes! This week's episode is from The Diction Police's Special Diction Unit--no need to go looking for the text, because you can follow along with the text, IPA, and conversation on the video! This week we focus on "Who is Sylvia" from Gerald Finzi's Let Us Garlands Bring. The text comes from Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona, and we concentrate in the open I [ɪ], as well as the differences and similarities between [ə], [ɜ], and [ʌ], as in the phrase "the dull earth". For the audio version of this episode, click here. We are in the midst of revamping our website, to include text readings as well as subscription capabilities, plus a blog page where you can find all of our Diction Lessons and Tongue Twisters for Singers series all in one place! Keep watching here or at the Facebook page for that to go live. As always, feel free to contact me here, on Facebook or directly at info@dictionpolice.com

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