AD #1697 – 2016 Prius Gets Dramatic Makeover, UAW Deadline Looms, Frankfurt Sneak Peeks

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Reveals 2016 Prius - UAW Negotiations Down to the Wire - Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible - Bentley Bentayga SUV - Honda Project 2 and 4 Monoposto - John McElroy Responds to Your Comments

On today's show Toyota takes the wraps off the new Prius UAW members can soon dropped out of the union in Michigan and a handful of teasers from the Frankfurt Auto Show all that and more coming right up on our online daily. This is our line daily for September 9 of 2015. Toyota unveiled its new Prius last night and it's clear the company wants to make this car appeal for more than just hybrid huggers. The car is longer lower and wider it's more dramatically styled with a plunging hood line achieved with LED headlamps and a fast back rear end Toyota said the car is gorgeous but of course beauty is on the high. Of the beholder. To make the car more fun to drive it even has a ...

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