Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes

published 4 years ago by Monocle

From warmly lit interiors to polished wood furniture, The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes is a survey of everything you need to build the residence you want. From architects to apprentices, design-shop owners to gardeners, you’ll meet inspiring people and snatch an idea or two that is built to last. Available to buy online now at [The Monocle Shop.](/shop/product/757804/the-monocle-guide-to-cosy-homes/)

To the medical guy too cozy homes. The book. And lavishly instead it's a book about living well. Our editorial gaze shifts from a remote island in the Swedish archipelago to a lush home in V. edition and. And from Tokyo to Taiwan. To show that livability and charm aren't mutually exclusive. Unlike many interiors and architecture publications we sure homes that issue unrealistic polished affection. Places where people really live with children talks on the life swept along. Remember homes office tentacles. That's a living. It's the lives that unfold in these apartments villas high rises and cultures. To make them special. Home should be a celebration of the durable and meaningful so we've also scout the best streets villages coastlines mountains towns and cities. To put down roots. Since home should tell a story we've also gathered the views of a select group essayists. Editors and writers to explain ...

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