Is a Personal Trainer or a Health Coach Right for You Ep 128

published 5 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez answers a viewer's question about whether a Personal Trainer or a Health Coach is the right fit.

I welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm him when Hernandez nor guide on the journey out. If they wanna talk a little bit about the difference between a personal trainer and help coach. And which one might be more appropriate for you. Now personal trainer is often very exercise focused. You see them hopefully local crimes we will learn about good exercise foreman for accountability really give you some structure and help you learn how to exercise safely and appropriately for your goals. They may or may not talk about nutrition name mayor may not talk about never change. But again if you're learning exercising really need help getting team need that accountability a personal trainer is definitely the way to go. But let's just say you're not new to exercise you know how to do a proper spot you have no problem getting the jam but you're ...

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