50 First Jihads | Unfilter 156

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The NSA is being sued by a former mayor for blanket surveillance & the case could spark a public debate. New information on how the Clinton's stored their mail server, our takedown of ISIS claimed attempts to recruit American women & why you better buy that Patriot Drone soon! Plus an update on the 2016 election, the recent market turmoil & more!

This is a filter episode 156 for 8/26/2015 the other big story of the morning 3 American heroes honored overnight for stopping a potential massacre that could have been carried out on a train that was bound for Paris good morning everybody I'm Martha McCallum here on America's newsroom nice to be with you nice to be with you on this Monday morning I mean Leland vineyard in for bill Hemmer they're being called heroes and rightly so here's why. On Saturday the 3 men. Opened at. Shin when Islamic terrorist whips out an 8 K. 47 on a train carrying. 500 pack. And he had. Dozens of rounds of ammunition. Together the 3 Americans. Meet the gunman unconscious. Hong tied him for good measure ...

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