The Sexiest Choice Any Entrepreneur Can Make | Ep. 62

published 4 years ago by Bill Baren, Business Transformation Provocateur | In the spirit of Seth Godin, Eben Pagan, Derek Halpern, Ali Brown, Marie Forleo, and an alternative to Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard, and John Lee Dumas

This sounds crazy, but it’s true. Your ideas about what’s sexy just might be harming your business. Here’s a question: What’s the sexiest thing you can think of? Maybe…meeting an attractive and exciting new person…or running off for an unplanned getaway… or receiving a surprise gift… I bet the words “reliable” and “predictable” didn’t enter your mind. They’re the opposite of sexy, right? Wrong! Not when it comes to business. Today I’m going to tell you why in business, reliable is hot, hot, HOT. Tune in and find out why predictable, reliable revenue is an entrepreneur’s #1 turn on!   Get our awesome YES MAP, the proven blueprint we created to help you turn conversations with potential clients into awesome high-paying clients here -->

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