Rhino surgery, sand cat kittens & rats in your toilet

published 3 years ago by Earth Touch

Groundbreaking rhino surgery, spiders that glide like squirrels, rare sand cats born in Israel, how rats make their way into toilets and the most confusing lion chase we’ve ever seen! Get these stories and more in your weekly roundup of nature news.

Sweeps episode rare C. N. kittens born in Israel fine spiders groundbreaking Rando surgery turtles in trouble in the most confusing lying chase we've ever seen started in South Africa were rhino poaching victim found with severe injuries to its base is being given a second chance thanks to a ground breaking the skin graft wildlife surgeon Johanna race dress the horrific wound with a bandage made from elephant skin blown experimental procedure it's successful and maybe an option for future life saving surgeries staying in Africa where it appears that Siegel's in Namibia have learned a new trick snacking on baby seal eyeballs gruesome as it may seem scientists believe that the paper plugging habits of these birds is just another form of adapting in order to survive fish populations are on the decline in the bonobo pups are an easy target more seal news the 7. Footage has. Seal barely. ...

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