Philanthropic Projects of the SDPA – President Elect, Jennifer Conner, PA-C

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President elect Jennifer Conner dropped by the Dermcast Studeio at the SDPA Summer Conference in Las Vegas to talk about Miles for Melanoma and other philanthropic endeavors of the SDPA.

Welcome to Dan Kass I'm releasing today in the studio we have Jennifer Connor the STP a president elect welcome to the studio thank you. Jennifer for those who don't know much about you can you tell us where you practice in the sort of patients that you see. So I practice in San Antonio Texas receive migration of patients mainly medical dermatology puppet of laser. Great and we've been involved in the US EPA for quite sometime can you tell us how you got involved in what that's like over the years sure so I got involved about 6 years ago was actually added APA conference and I bumped into a couple of our leaders who were working the booth. And just volunteered my time and said Hey if you need help on I'm here and so they kind of rips me and and so I started out as a committee chair of the public relations committee for 3 years and then moved up to director at large for the past 3 years ...

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