AD #1682 – Tesla’s Stock Could Double, “Papa” Get His Camaro Back, Price War Breaking Out

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla’s Stock Price Could Double - Chinese-Made Becoming Norm - Sketches of All-New Kia Sportage - Papa John’s Camaro Recovered - Mercedes Shows New Drop Top S-Class - Price War Breaking Out

On today's show up price war is breaking out in the American market Tesla stock could hit $465 a share and Papa John gets his classic Camaro back all that more coming right up on a line daily. This is online daily for August 18 of 2015. Tesla stock is already trading at a staggering $254 per share but one analyst believes that could nearly double. Morgan Stanley forecast that Tesla stock will hit $465 a share because of autonomous technology. They predict Tassler will introduce plans within the next year to year 0.5 for autonomous cars on sale by 2018. And as impressive as 465. ...

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