Mating leopard sharks, egg-laying cuttlefish & a rare seahorse

published 5 years ago by Earth Touch

Our cameraman films a pair of mating leopard sharks and a cuttlefish laying her eggs. There’s also a rare glimpse of a tiger-tail seahorse and some bizarre pufferfish behaviour.

NBI islands national marine reserve in the Andaman sea is well known for the look of shock that if they. And for this episode of wild Russian supply of going to a place called him either. It's very well known for having a good healthy let the subpopulation. And the behavior that you see now from these 2 leopard sharks is indicative of lighting. The female is ready to play she swings in a very slow lazy style the female is the one in the lead. And the letter will swim very closely behind and often nipple all hold on to the title of his female ...

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