published 4 years ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

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You are listening to the official but because of mosaic and loss and. A committee of say love and. I love Wednesday nights. Because you guys are usually kind of insane on Wednesdays feathers I the higher level of insanity and went right to the or R. is on Sunday I don't view it as that. And it's fun because. I want you come on Sunday but you're not as insane on Sunday. So I think it's like midweek insanity I think it's like in the middle of work week or something or or maybe it's that your blends of and 2 more sane people on Sunday. And this is sort of like the cream of insanity here and so when you come together you just sort of pre. 28. That madness like craziness and that's got. So let's make sure that we don't want the calm filled the room. But let's keep going crazy. And I I know that the he has a way of. Reducing the amount of energy in the room but that's our ...

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