Pharmacogenetics with Kristen Reynolds

published 4 years ago by UofL Internal Medicine Department Faculty and Guest Lecturers

Kristen takes a look at adverse drug reactions occurring secondary to identifiable genetic risk factors. She looks at the evidence supporting genetic testing, common mutations (Cyp phenotypes), and how to decide whom to test.

From Movil welcome to the internal medicine lecture series. Today we're going to talk about Monaco genetics testing this is a platform of a program that we're starting with you fell through the department of medicine it's one of the initiatives that Dr Rome and had of the gun out late last year and so PJ excel laboratories is a lab that actually spun out of your bills department path ology several years. And we are still affiliated with your bell even. Technically private and. but I for example am a lamb operations over at. PJ excel in in the lab itself. But I'm also gratis faculty. here at the department doing a lot of different teaching etcetera so I today I'm just going to talk about what this program is just disclosure I am an employee of a pharmacokinetic slap like I mentioned ...

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