How to Color Correct Video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

published 4 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows how to color correct video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC using the new Lumetri color panel and the Adobe Hue App on iOS.   Get Adobe Hue here:

Pune welcome to a new episode of adobe critical TV my name is Terry white and in the subs over going to take a look at how to color corrector videos using some new features and adobe premiere pro CC for 2015. So let's jump right and I got up I have a video that I worked on actually input on my YouTube channel a few days ago I did a video review of the new Amazon echo and even not big deal that's online right now wasn't too happy with the color and I thought why not fix it. Well after the fact one who fix it and show you how so thick book. So here I have the actual video this is the finished edit on where it talks about Amazon echo and a good thing I'm like about it if we look. Here at the background. It's Wassell for here in my den and you notice that it's kinda warm it's kind of got like a baby's tint to it ...

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