Changes on the Horizon for CME Self-Assessment and the 10 Year Cycle – Matthew Brunner, PA-C

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Incoming SPDA President Matthew Brunner shares exciting changes coming to CME, DLI, recertifications and the new SDPA Foundation. Dr. Fred Ghali joined us in the Dermcast studio at the SDPA Summer Conference in Las Vegas to discuss his lectures on pediatric dermatology, acne, and fungal infections.

Welcome to darn cast and releasing today we have Matthew Brenner incoming STP a president thanks for being here today Matthew thanks glad to be here for those who don't know you will you tell us a bit about yourself and where you practice shirt so I'm gonna dermatology PA since 2001 but I've been practicing a metric land all the time. Sign and what sorts of things you see in your practice there. I do mostly general dermatology with some sort of a dermatology. And Matthew as we look forward to 19016 what's on the horizon for us of the STP a. Through a lot of exciting things happening you know most of us are moving from the secure to the 10 year resurfaced Haitian cycle. And most of us are familiar with the term self assessment seem mean we've had that around for a little while through the deal I program. we've also began offering that last November at the San Diego conference are free life self assessment seamy. We're continuing to offer the ...

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