Wittgenstein's Beetle in a Box Analogy

published 5 years ago by BBC Radio

You can't know exactly what it is like to be another person or experience things from their perspective. Wittgenstein had an analogy for this. Narrated by Aidan Turner.

Ndem much of group of people each with a box and everyone's box. Is a thing they call it beetle. But no one is ever allowed to look at anyone else's box. They can really look into their own. However they can talk meaningfully about people's even though they don't know whether this having the foxes or indeed. I told. The thing in each person's box. Is irrelevant to the shared public meeting of Beatle. Its meaning is determined by the use people make of the term not the private something hidden away from view. Whatever is or isn't in each person's box is irrelevant. The council's ads. Many of us think of our experiences as private. Hidden away inside us. You can never enter my mind and find out whether your color experiences are like mine for example. Or whether our pain experiences on the same ...

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