Cyber Retaliation | Unfilter 153

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

A leak from the top of the Obama Administration forecasts the US’s intentions to strike back at China after the recent OPM hack. We’ll share what we know so far. Germany is cracking down on reports that cover intelligence leaks, and we debunk the big cyber scares of the week. Plus a snapshot at some of the economies around the world, new “calls” for lone wolf attacks, and an update on the 2016 race!

This is a filter episode 153 for 8/5/2015 ever warfare with one of America's biggest rivals perhaps going to a whole new level this is according to a report in The New York Times it says the Obama administration is planning to retaliate against China for its alleged hack attack on the office of personnel management the devastating intrusion resulting in the theft of personal records for more than 20000000 Americans that still remains an estimate could be higher how can the U. S. right back is it a good idea. Hello and welcome again to another edition of unfiltered Jupiter broadcasting's weekly show about the news that you should be watching one say hi to all of our awesome ...

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