The Standard Bearers

published 3 years ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

“The Standard Bearers” message by Erwin McManus. For more information, visit © MOSAIC LA / Erwin McManus. #20150802

You are listening to the official but because of mosaic and loss and. A committee of say love and. Ever watch them. Movies that. Well. My wife Kim hates where there's a lot of people killed. I I don't know why but I I she's I have an affinity for movies were a lot of people are killed I I'm just gonna say that I mean I don't like that and she's earned what he whipping killers of it's not real. It's just a movie respect your blood that's up and your brain. And then she starts reading. The news to me I'm tired and I've actually come stress of the 2 but if you ever watch where those epic movies. Where one army is going to war against another army like gladiator or Braveheart or or last samurai or all these other you know movies were there she sees epic battles and. You know anything Mel Gibson wasn't just pretty much here now has an epic battle so ...

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