Jean Paul Sartre on Love

published 5 years ago by BBC Radio

For Jean-Paul Sartre, freedom was everything. Real freedom means freedom to change your mind and freedom to fall out of love. Narrated by Aidan Turner.

NCRHA Junpo Sartre freedom was everything. The liver wants to be loved but not by someone who's taken a love potion. He wants to be loved by someone who has freely chosen to love him. The kind of possession we seek in loving someone else is completely different from the possession of a thing. Because the thing kind possesses back. But for Sartre the reality of romantic love isn't blissful mutual respect in emerging the freedoms. Far from it. Love is conflict. The looked person once the others love needs her to help him reveal who he is yet in doing this he risks transforming himself from a subject into an object. Becoming a mere possession constrained by her vision of him. And it gets worse as a loved one the liver doesn't want his lover's love him too and doesn't want her to find love elsewhere ...

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