The Myth of the Missing Half

published 5 years ago by BBC Radio

In Plato’s dialogue The Symposium, Aristophanes presented a light-hearted creation myth that attempted to explain the human search for love. Narrated by Aidan Turner.

Ntelos were looking for love and they feel a lack while those who are in love feel whole. Why is this. In Plato's dialogues symposium. Aristophanes presented the light hearted creation myth that explains it all. Humans weren't always the way we are now. They used to be spherical with 2 bodies facing outwards. Each had a single head. 2 faces looking out and up the directions. 4 legs for arms forehands. There were 3 sexes then not to. The first had to male bodies in was the child of the sun. The second had 2 female and was the child of the earth. And the third had one of each I was the child of the moon. These weird creatures could walk forwards or backwards or rolled around very quickly like acrobats going head over hands. But they got above themselves and try to climb Olympus ...

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