Hong Kong: The Monocle Travel Guide

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Hong Kong is more diverse than you’d imagine. Navigate the futuristic skyways connecting office towers and you’ll pass over temples from which incense smoke trails towards the heavens. The Monocle Travel Guide to Hong Kong takes you on a journey from the best dining spots and side-street food stalls to rich retail experiences. Published by Gestalten, The Monocle Travel Guide to Hong Kong is available now at [The Monocle Shop.](/shop/books-and-music/travel-guides/)

Nnsl. Hong Kong has been a city off many identities a community of fishing villages the refuge of immigrants an international port and a British colony. Today the city continues to question its personality as it finds its place as part of modern China. As is one of Asia's most connected business Hobbs we've seen that many visitors will already know a bit about Hong Kong. As such our travel guide will show you that over a few days you can see books by top contemporary artists all get lost in characterful Backstreet at your leisure. Their essays from Hong Kong's who've witnessed some of the city's drastic changes over the past decade plus runs and neighborhood walks to refresh you often gets off your long flight. Many Hong Kong is live in small apartments with limited space for cooking and eating sale regularly seen launched ...

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