Confucian Ancestor Worship

published 5 years ago by BBC Radio

The family is at the heart of Confucian philosophy. Narrated by Aidan Turner.

NDA heart of Confucian philosophy is that you understand your place within the hierarchy of the universe. Ideally it is within the family that individuals learn how to live well and become good members of the wider community. Mara juicy involves deep reverence for one 's parents and worship of ancestors. You need to understand your place in the scheme of things. Honor your elders especially those who brought you into the world and honor those who brought them into the world and those who brought them into the world and so on. Living well then is not just about how you treat the living it's also about who you show respect to the debt. Traditionally when a parent dies. A son or daughter spends 3 years in ritual morning. This period marries the 3 years when the child was completely dependent on parental care. Ancestors names in the lineage are recorded on special tablets that our home in the home and these ...

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