AD #1667 – Africa Next Growth Market? Used Teslas Attract Youth, FCVs Make Gallons of H2O

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Africa the Next Growth Market? - Ford Performs Well Globally - Used Teslas Attract More Millennials - Subaru Teams to Protect Pets - BMW App Has You Seeing Green… Lights - Fuel Cells Produce Gallons of Water

I'm today show used has let's bring in younger buyers BMW comes out with an app so you never have to hit another red light and could Africa become the next growth market for the automotive industry all that more coming right up on online daily. This is our align daily for July 28 of 2015. Ford reported its second quarter earnings this morning in North America it posted a record profit looks like that aluminum F. 150 is really delivering to the bottom line. Ford also posted strong profits in the Asia Pacific region it almost broke even in Europe and narrowed its losses in South America one area that deserves attention is Africa and the Middle East while Ford lost money in the region it's the rate of ...

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