Mantis shrimp, bearded scorpionfish & beautiful corals in 4K

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Exploring the waters off Thailand’s picturesque Koh Racha Noi island is like diving in an aquarium! A powder blue surgeon fish darts past, redtail butterflyfish school above the reef and a peacock mantis shrimp scuttles across the coral, showcasing its extraordinary colourations. We’re also treated to a pufferfish feeding display and a close-up look at the beautiful bearded scorpionfish – all in ultra HD. 

For today's episode of motivations I've traveled to a it's on a small island called correction noise and it's about 30 miles off shore from the southwest tip of Phuket and you can see with a certain show just how beautiful it is. And a study my dive right here in the shallow but I. And it was like a giant aquarium visibility was good plenty of sun lots and lots of good healthy hard coral. And all the usual suspects there more shuttles threadfin brimmed let's arrests let's a damselfish. And the first thing of any interest that I came across with this guy and he's actually called a mosque porcupine pufferfish. And you can see in the show how he gets his name is good looks of. Sparky quills ...

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