Sapporo: Into the swim of things

published 4 years ago by Monocle

With its drip-filter coffee, myriad craft shops and quality fishing scene, Hokkaido’s capital reels you in with a laidback lifestyle and a strong stroke of creativity.

Mmhm no that's not the downtown of some verdant U. S. city it some pro the couple of the kind of Japan's Big Island up in the north. The city looks who new and fresh. Stripe of a dory pa carving its way through its heart and that's because in Japanese terms is a mere total of a place. This is no ancient Kyoto is not a city of temples and palaces the first settlers didn't pick up on the spot until 1869. Became just as Japan was looking to settle Hokkaido and put it close to the national bosom they came just as the new Meiji period emperor was sinking the country needed to revive by looking for ideas beyond its borders. That's why many of the buildings downtown because it ...

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