Aortic Dissection Screencast

published 5 years ago by Steve Carroll, DO

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the EM Basic podcast.  To celebrate this occasion, we are going to do a screencast on aortic dissection.  This is a very challenging disease to diagnose because patients have lots of different presentations that can make it difficult to diagnose.  We'll talk about the common presentations of dissection, the not-so-common presentations, how to order the right imaging, how to treat these patients in the ED, and how to get them to the right level of care.

Carol and you'll see the invasive podcast. Today we're gonna be doing as a screencast from a or dissection. This disease is very tricky diagnose and seated a mess. In fact some would say that the standard of care is to miss this diagnosis on its first presentation. So today will be going through all the basics of this. Including the right questions to ask. The history physical. Exam findings. Well so we talking about but any on imaging that you have to do to diagnosis Izzy's properly and how to treat him mention. How today's the fourth anniversary thing embraced podcasts such as when it say thank you very much to everyone who has listen supported and given comments and feedback on the podcast as we've grown for the first. These first 4 years. I will say that I plan to continue his first long as I can and I appreciate everyone who's helped especially those who contribute episodes. Both in the past and those are pending publication so thank you very much. So I always had to say this park has the reverse of the views of his apartment fence US army the Shawshank ...

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