ScienceCast 188: Summer Blue Moon

published 5 years ago

Summer Blue Moon presented by science at NASA. When someone says once in a Blue Moon you know what they mean where seldom even absurd. This year it means the end of July. For the second time this month the moon is about to become full. There was one full moon on July 2 and our second is coming on July 31. According to modern folklore whenever there are 2 full moons in a calendar month the second one is blue. This definition of a Blue Moon is a recent thing. If you told a person in Shakespeare's day that something happens once in a Blue Moon. They were attached no astronomical meaning to the statement. Women simply meant rare were absurd. But making a date for the twelfth of never. Since then however its meaning has shifted. The modern definition spring up in the 19 forties in those days the main for ...

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