Unboxing The Boring Company flamethrower

published 1 week ago by CNET.com

Technically it's the "not-a-flamethrower" from Elon Musk's Boring Company, but it still makes fire.

In the beginning man discovered fire and now in the year 2018 of us on box a recreational flames there are. He picks up the quote unquote not a flame thrower today over at the boring company and hopper in California and now it's here in our studio and ready to be on box we already have our instruction manual ready to go you can see it's only a few pages long flame throwers don't seem to be that complicated but there are some important safety rules how to hook up the actual flames or through the propane tank and so on so without further ado let's unbox this thing to say probably the most exciting of boxing I've ever done scene at all right guys. And open it up. Okay so I'm the lead here we have a key for our flame thrower and I'm going to lift this up so we can reveal all set up. Okay so let's walk through this this is really cool ...

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