AD #2371 – Kia Unveils Electric Niro, Nissan Kicks Driving Impressions, German Unions Worried EVs Will Kill Jobs

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Lincoln Nautilus Production Moving to China - Ford Management Changes in China - Ford May Close Transmission Plant in France - GM Hamtramck Plant Days Could Be Numbered - German Unions Worried EVs Will Kill Jobs - Kia Unveils Electric Niro - Toyota’s Toy Story - Nissan Kicks Driving Impressions

On today's show more American automakers are moving production to China German unions are worried about losing jobs because of electric cars and we'll give you our first driving impressions of the Nissan kicks all that and more coming right up. Daily. This is online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry American automakers keep moving more production to China auto forecast illusions reports that the next generation link a novelist will be built in China starting in 2022 in the meantime it will be built in for its Canadian assembly plant in Oakville Ontario Ford's also making some management changes in China Amy Moran tech who was president of a Lincoln in China and the Asia Pacific region will return to the US to be Ford's global economist vehicle director for marketing ...

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