published 1 year ago by Brian Call

I sit down with Brent Hahn of Valkyrie Archery and Matt Davis to talk about What the heck is FOC!? Matt and I have been shooting this system for a while now and were excited to learn more from Brent.

Hey guys this is Shanti gray. Nobody knows who that is but it's me. And you are listening to the greddy Bowman. It's all perspective right if you could make $150000 a year but you had to work 80 hours a week and you're committed to a corporation the you hate what you did is that more lucrative than making $70000 a year doing what you love with a lot of free time and who's richer one of things I never want to say and I even think this with life they never want to see like what if what I hate that I hate that feeling what if I would have done this what if I want to just tried this for what if what if and there's very few things that I say what it's about very few things and that gives me a lot of peace of mind so that helps give me drive because I don't want to ever say what a radio he says this you'll you're gonna run at a health before you run out of money ...

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