BVOV - Jun1218 - God’s Will Is to Heal You

published 3 years ago by Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Believers Voice of Victory Video Broadcast for Tuesday 06/12/2018 Watch Kenneth and Gloria Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victoryas they continue with 101 things God says about healing. Learn how you can’t have faith for something if you don’t know if it’s God’s will to do it. The WORD is medicine to your flesh. When you take it, you’ll know this—God’s will to heal is non-negotiable!

It is. For the will of god is no. You can't have faith for something you're not sure whether whether it's gone will. Well how do you know. You know god's will for me work. Join the glory once again from their print Kevin southwest Arkansas on today's believers voice of victory learn how the word of god brings healing to your mind and body. Now let's join Kevin glory. Hello everybody where candles and Gloria global ...

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