Sea fans, anemones and Jellyfish in 4K

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

It’s jellyfish season in the Phi-Phi National Marine Reserve so we’re taking an up-close look at these amazing creatures and the tiny fish that live amongst their tentacles – in ultra HD! We also capture an unusual interaction between a wrasse and a blackspotted pufferfish.

Today's first dog is on a small island called beat and I. And it's actually part of the PP national marine reserve in the Andaman sea. And I start filming in this beautiful canyon which is always full of schooling sweepers. And as I come out of the canyon a stupid film needs an enemy and that say tomato and many fish that the bright orange one of the big black spot and there's also a skunk and enemy fishing that those of the pile pink ones with the what struck on the head. Lots and lots of good healthy products kora flooded the reef particularly in the shallow areas. And at this time of year is quite common to come across jellies ...

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