BVOV - Jun1118 - Attend to God’s WORD for Healing

published 1 year ago by Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Believers Voice of Victory Video Broadcast for Monday 06/11/2018 Watch Kenneth and Gloria Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share 101 things God says about healing. All sickness, all disease, all calamity—the whole curse—is under the law of sin and death. God’s WORD is life and health—so attend to His WORD for healing!

What. It is a better covenant with better promise. Which includes all of the promises of the old but none of the current. That's a different. A key to walking in divine health is how you would tend to god's word. Learn more with Jennifer glory cope with today on the believers voice of victory as they share from there. Southwest Arkansas now here can. Hello everybody this is. Double levers bossa Victor broad keno the believers have a boyish ...

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