AD #1661 – The Top 5 U.S. Brands, Baojun’s First SUV, FCA Takes Bids for Magneti Marelli

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Magneti Marelli for Sale? - Baojun’s Home Grown 560 - Top Five American Brands - Tesla’s Tuner Mods - How BMW Simplified Carbon Fiber Repairs

On today's show FCAT could sell off its component company to raise cash General Motors unveils a new SUV for rich Chinese brand bow John and Charles la offers 2 mods that will stoop a fight everyone at the drag strip all that and more coming right up on our line daily. Nnsl nnsl there's a Darling daily for July 20 of 2015. FCA really needs a lot more cash to pay for its massive product offensive and now Reuters reports that the auto maker is getting offers for Magneti Marelli its in house parts supplier one of those offers was for 2.$7000000000 what you're turned down FCA reportedly wants at least 3.$3000000000 for €3000000000 but C. E. ...

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