A Love Worth Everything

published 3 years ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

“A Love Worth Everything” message by Erwin McManus. For more information, visit mosaic.org. © MOSAIC LA / Erwin McManus. #20150719

You are listening to the official but because of mosaic and loss and. A committee of say love and. Where the really enjoyable things when I get to travel. Is to meet different kinds of people and sometimes when you go to places in the world where people speak complete different languages or look complete different than you know. Have different complete cultures and approaches it you expecting to see the world differently. But every once in awhile you travel somewhere where people. Are supposed to be pretty similar to you then you realize the see the world very very differently in that this week I I I traveled to one of those remote places. Called Texas. And I I realize that my conversation that that we had such a different view of. The world around us. We've actually began that when they're having a conversation about about Jesus and that may not surprise you add. And that one of the people say well you know what what I like is I I like helping people get to that 51 ...

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