No Boundaries #1

published 4 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

Do you have limits on your life? Many do and don’t even realize it. In this program, Jerry Savelle will help you discover through God's Word how to live beyond the world's restrictions and limitations! You are a child of God, and with God, all things are possible to those who believe.

Hello everyone thank you for joining us today we appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives. To watch our broadcast you know we have many people that correspond with us letting us know how much these lessons that they hear each and every week our blessing them and helping to. Cause them to grow up in the lord and become mature in their walk with god and we appreciate each and everyone of you to take the time to write to us are going our website or call our office thank you so very much not only this office in the U. S. but our offices around the world thank you for believing in us thank you for all your kind words ...

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