A Bias to Insecurity | TechSNAP 223

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The Hacking Team fallout continues with more zero day patches you need to install, a new attack against RC4 might finally kill it & how to save yourself from a DDoS attack. Plus a great batch of your questions, our answers & much, much more!

Coming up on this week's episode attacks now the hacking team follow continues as a whole new batch of 0 day patches you need to install a vulnerability gets RC 4 might finally kill it and how to protect yourself from a denial of service attack that it's a great big back to your questions are answered a rock and round up and much much more on this week's episode of techno. Everyone and welcome to text out this is episode 223 of your broadcasting's weekly systems network administration podcast we stream this up so live on 7/16/2015 this episode brought to our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean ting and I existence I tell you more about those great sponsors is this here show goes on our live stream. Wow that's powered by scale and you go check that out over scale engine. My name is Chris. Join us every single week is. And the teacher ...

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