A Better Choice - Beer or Cocktail Ep 127

published 5 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez answers a viewer's question which is a better choice, a mixed cocktail or beer?

Hi welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm Himmler Hernandez your guide on the jury to health and fitness. Today's question comes to me via Twitter from make slice. Who by the way if you need a laugh has a really witty Twitter account so I highly suggest following her. So come honored when she sent me a question now she's been on her own fitness journey and she knows that alcohol isn't necessarily your past friend when you're trying to lose weight. But if you're going to indulge which should you choose beer or a next cocktail. So the answer is beer because when you get a mixed cocktails you tend to get much more sugar. Syrups free drinks just higher in sugar so stick to beer prefer early light beer try to alternate water in beer and make it a treat not a habit. Now if you've got a question you'd like me to answer in an upcoming ...

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