AD #1659 – Sales Threatened by Wage Growth, Tesla Tops Jag, Freightliner Autonomy

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Wage Growth is the Biggest Threat to Sales - Diesel Sales Stall Out - Tesla Tops Jaguar - VR and 3D Printing Make Factories Safer - Freightliner’s Autonomous Truck

I'm today show has a lot outsells jaguar stagnant wages could cause car sales to stall and we take a deep dive into Freightliner autonomous trucked all that and more coming right up on Adeline daily. This is ongoing daily for July 16 of 2015. Automakers selling cars in the U. S. market are practically giddy over forecast that sales will top 17000000 vehicles this year but Stevens actually the chief economist at the national auto dealers association warns that if Americans do not start to make more money sales will start to drop he tells Ottoline and I quote lack of wage growth is the number one concern. If we don't see a pickup in wage growth we can't ...

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