Obama's Iran Plan | Unfilter 151

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

It’s another historic week documented by the Unfilter show. The Obama administration signs an “executive agreement” with Iran, but we ask what the limitations of an “executive agreement” are, and what the downsides to the deal might be. Plus the head of the FBI pushes to crack encryption, and track ISIS via twitter, the OPM hack is even worse than previously reported, and an updates on the NSA.

This is a filter episode 151 for 7/15/2015 today president Obama announced an agreement he says will keep. Bomb out of Iranian had. As for more than a decade critics say it will do the opposite. The deal was done after 20 months of negotiations among Iran the United States and other world powers. After years of sanctions. Secret cyber attacks on nuclear facilities and even the assassination of Iranian experts. President said today that diplomacy. Had trial. Going to. Beautiful. Burlington ...

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