AD #1658 – Minivan Sales Slump, Acura NSX Tackles Pikes Peak, EcoSport Likely Heading to MI

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford EcoSport Likely Heading to MI - Volvo Takes Over Polestar - BorgWarner Acquires Remy - Minivan Sales Slump - Acura NSX Tackles Pikes Peak - Gender Car Color Preferences - You Said It!

I'm today show Ford's ecosport will likely get built in Michigan all those new small vans are killing the minivan segment and the supplier industry continues to consolidate all that more coming right up on our online daily. This is not a line daily for July 15 of 2015. UAW members were dismayed when Ford announced it will pull the focus and see Max out of the Michigan assembly plant and probably move them to Mexico before it already announced it's putting a new product in that plant and now warts reports it's probably going to be the Ford ecosport a subcompact crossover. That makes a lot of sense because Ford and Toyota are the only major brands that don't have an entry into that segment and compact crossovers are growing sixth ...

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