AD #1655 – VW Develops Golf for the Track, AutoNation Dumps TrueCar, NAFTA Bigger Than China

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- NAFTA Bigger Than China - AutoNation Dumps TrueCar - Ford Ends Focus, C-Max Production in MI - VW Develops Golf for the Racetrack - U of M to Test 3D Printed Autonomous Cars - Does Subaru Need a New Plant?

And today show the university of Michigan is gearing up to test 3 D. printed autonomous cars nafta passes China in light vehicle sales and super size it can sell 0.25000000 more vehicles in the U. S. just by boosting production all that more coming right up on a line daily. This is our online daily for July 10 of 2015 as you well know the Chinese vehicle market is the biggest in the world but if you only count light vehicle sales than the nafta region just edged past China. Sales reports from China typically include medium and heavy trucks buses and other big commercial vehicles most other countries do not include those vehicles and their sales reports. In June there were 1.43 0 light vehicles sold in China ...

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