ScienceCast 186: Space Coffee

published 6 years ago

Space coffee. Presented by science at NASA. Astronauts on the international space station give up many pleasures to take those giant leaps in the name of science. They leave behind fresh vegetables relaxing hot showers warm sunshine gently misting rain and much more. One of the things astronauts say they miss most is a good Cup of coffee. How would you like to start your morning sucking freeze dried coffee through a straw from a sealed plastic bag. Good news for astronauts morning Joe recently got an upgrade. On April 20 SpaceX delivered to the space station anew microgravity coffee machine named ISS presso. Our aerospace engineers have designed a coffee maker that can function in microgravity conditions says David of you know of the Italian engineering firm Argo tax. Working together with the coffee company la voza and the Italian space agency ...

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