A Review of ANA Testing and Rheumatology Pharmacology With Dr. Charles Moore

published 5 years ago by UofL Internal Medicine Department Faculty and Guest Lecturers

Dr. Charles Moore demystifies ANA testing and medications used for rheumatologic disorders including common side effects and screening for adverse effects. Some items in this lecture may have come from the lecturer’s personal academic files or have been cited in-line or at the end of the lecture. For more information, see our citation page. Disclaimers ©2015 LouisvilleLectures.org

From Movil lectures.org welcome to the internal medicine lecture series. So anyways up until I think 1990 were done on rat liver cells. And you need to they would take the cells and used to come on slide out office under the slide the problem with them and they were pretty well except that you can never be completely sure of the rat. So that you were using was expressing all into. And so sometime in the early 90. Switch to . hemophilia cells facing the cells that are immortalized. Some poor schmuck back in and. And they made a couple of improvements as the years go on and now it's I think the current. Cells. and presumably and insensitivity has gone up. Because presumably those human at the feel of those human. The feeling itself. Do. produced ...

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