AD #1651 – FCA Faces Big Fine, Jaguar F-PACE Debuts, BMW Creates Electric Truck

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- FCA Faces Big Fine - Supplier Consolidation - BMW Develops New Brake Light - BMW Creates Electric Truck - F-PACE Debuts at Tour de France - Continental Uses Cameras to Ditch Mirrors

I'm today show BMW develops an electric truck continental works on getting rid of rear view mirrors and NHTSA wants to drag fiat Chrysler out to the wood shed all that more coming right up on online daily. This is Adeline daily for July 6 of 2015 and it's great to be back after the auto line crew took a week off for summer break. Now the news. NHTSA's fed up with the way that fiat Chrysler is dragging its heels on recalling defective cars. NHTSA plans to hit FCA with a hefty fine by the end of the month over recalls. Scott councilmen this senior vice president of safety of fiat Chrysler even admits the company has and I quote here fallen short and that NHTSA has led ...

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