Terror for the 4th | Unfilter 149

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Dire warnings of a holiday attack this weekend, your Unfilter show gets to the bottom of this week’s latest scare! The NSA’s vacuums are back to full, we’ll explain why, Russia turns off the gas, the Supreme court makes their big decision & we’re tracking the latest claimed threats from ISIS. Plus IRS emails recovered, the situation in Greece, some Red Book follow up & more!

This is unfiltered episode 149 for 7/1/2015. You S. on high alert after deadly terror attacks and an American company in France. And separate attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait the FBI and homeland security issuing a joint bulletin warning of the heightened possibility of a terror attack here tied to our July 4 holiday. Our our lives our economy at risk. Hello. Got it. Welcome to. Over 149. Said it twice ...

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