7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives-Day 3 Adobe Color CC

published 5 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White goes into Day 3 of his 7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives. It’s all about Adobe Color CC and using your iPad or iPhone to capture color themes from the images and objects around you.   You can get Adobe Color CC here:

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe creative cloud TB my name's Terry white and this episode were on day 3. Of my 7 days of mobile work clothes for creatives. And today we're gonna talk about color and the specifically using an application called adobe color. To grab colors for the rest of the week that we're gonna be using throughout our design work for. So with that said adobe color started off as an iPhone only app well I pull native aperture call it and now it's also available on the iPad. And of course since is available on the iPad fairly recently let's go ahead and do it on the iPad set of the apple. No I want I want color. Com depending on what you were last in it may take you to the camera so you're probably going to be. I'll still take your word you're proud of your program here so it's looking at my desk and trying to grab colors from what's ...

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