7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives-Day 2 Photoshop Mix

published 5 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White does Day 2 of his 7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives. Day 2 is on Photoshop Mix for editing photos and sending layered files back to Photoshop CC. You can get Adobe Photoshop Mix here:

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe critic tile TV my name's Terry white and today is day 2 of my 7 days of mobile work flows Warner continue the process was started yesterday are we left off yesterday was like room and what we're mobile get enough photos together that we're gonna used throughout the week. And now we're gonna edit one of those photos using and make a composite using Photoshop mix. No Photoshop mixes available on today as of the recording on iPad and iPhone you can use them on either platform you get a few extra bonus features on the iPad though and that's what we're gonna do most for work today so let's go ahead and get started. I've got my iPad open here and it's gonna go ahead and launch Photoshop mix. From here I can go ahead and tell it that I want to create a new product on the left hand side and I get the choice of telling where I want to get the photo ...

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