7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives-Day 1 Lightroom Mobile

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows starts off his 7 Days of Mobile Workflows for Creatives with Day 01 on Lightroom Mobile. He gets images read for use throughout the week.  You can get Lightroom Mobile for iPad here:   You can get Lightroom Mobile for iPhone here:

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe critic cloud TV my name's Terry white and in this episode is actually part of a series I'm doing 7 days of mobile work flows opera creatives now the first part of the work flow of course is getting the photos together somewhere and take a look at white woman like mobile. We're talking about will work close and even if you don't follow the next 6 days arm each of these could stand alone as a separate Tauriel so if you just wanna learn about love but more about like or mobile you can you don't have to watch the other 6 days but I've certainly encourage you to. To get the full story the full picture of how we're gonna work with these applications both on mobile devices and how we send data back and forth to the desktop components. So with that said let's kick things off with getting our photos together for the rest of the week for the product that we're gonna be working on are here in like. So I'm in a white room and ...

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